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A US Government grant is one of the best ways of getting money for nothing. Grant money is free money! The internet is full of useful information but you can spend hours sorting through all the trash to find what you want to know about school grants, medical grants, cash grants and other grants. The best option is to buy access to a database of grants information. We have listed the best four grants databases. With each one you pay a one-off subscription to access their vast databases of grant information.

It is really easy to get a US government grant - anybody is - all you need to do is write a letter. The websites below tell you exactly who you should be writing your letters to so that you can be up to $1,000,000 better off. The sites are full of useful information, including tips on writing and how to get the most out of the large number of federal grants, state grants and district grants that are available.

This list of sites has been compiled by Larry Parker and Chris Hue, two of the top US financial advisors who have decided to devoting their time to helping ordinary people get some easy money.


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